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Before you read Dalton’s explanation, ,I want to put my two cents in. I want everyone to know that Dalton is just as important if not more important to Jaltoid as I am. There have been so many times and occassions that I’ve seen normal to incredibly rude and disrespectful comments aimed at Dalton. And what for? - Because some people have the mindset that Dalton does absolutely nothing for the channel. They believe I do all the work, that he “abuses” my art/work, and that I “could be doing so much better” and I’m “wasting my potential” working with Dalton because “all he does it tween my art.”

There is no word to truly describe how wrong that is. When I see comments and people talking about Dalton in such a way, it hurts, a lot. We realize there are far more people who are positive about us, however this specific subject is VERY touchy. If people were to just sit here and watch us, just for a single day, of us working, they’d see EXACTLY went on, between both of us. Dalton is an animator AND an artist. We created the Jaltoid art style TOGETHER. Neither one of us does more work than the other, neither one of us is more important than the other. We are equal, we’re almost the same person. The work we do together, every script, every sketch, is so special. We’ve come so far and faced so many obsticles it’s rediculous. I cannot sit here and watch as people continuesly make him feel like he’s nothing. There’s multiple things I see, every single day and they get progressivly worse with the next day to come. I’m not here to lecture anyone, I’m here because I love Dalton, and I know the struggles he’s gone through when it comes to art and feeling confident in himself. He’s so important to this team - yes a team. When people credit me for things, sure, I feel good, but not at the expense of Dalton. If I’m singled out it hurts him and it hurts me. Keep us together, that’s how it should be.


Hey everyone, its Dalton, a lot of you are probably wondering, what’s going on? It’s simply this, a lot of people out there make me feel pretty shitty, a lot of times it’s on accident, sometimes on purpose. Some people are under the impression that I do no art for the animations, that I’m not an artist, and that I’m taking advantage of “emi’s” art. I’ve actually gotten more emails from people telling me negative things about how I do nothing, than positive ones. First off, my animating technique may look simple, but try it yourself. If it was so easy, anyone with remotely good art skills would be producing animations like us. Walk the walk, before you talk the talk, cause its a long painstaking process. Another thing is I put as much time into art as emi does when it comes to animation. I have the same skills and competence to execute the “Jaltoid” art style as she does. Emi is not the only artist for jaltoid, we are the artists for jaltoid. No one of us holds the crown for most important artist.  

Its important that I educate you guys on how our art style came to be. Back in 2011 emi and I were interested in creating an animated series. So, we sat down one day and we combined our art skills, and developed an art style that both of us could do exactly the same way. You’re probably wondering, but why was emi considered “Lead Artist”? Well earlier this year I was worried emi would not receive as much credit for the animations as me, because it was my channel. emi is our art director, she is in charge of orchestrating the art. So I gave her the title, “Lead Artist” as a way to symbolize her as an important contributor to the channel. Why was I labeled, “Lead Animator”? I am the the ones that is in charge of the animation process, Not only do I direct the animation aspect, but I also do a majority of it. Thats why I took that title. 

I’ve stayed quiet all this time because I don’t want to seem egotistic, or seem ungrateful. But years down the line, I want people to know that this was our channel, our animations, our legacy. This is not all done by emi, like a lot of people think out there. I want people to know that we are a team. A lot of times when people write to us, they write to “emi the artist” or they draw fanart for emi because “they like jaltoid.” I know your intent is to make emi feel good, but it hurts her on the inside to get the credit. If you guys have noticed we do not reblog any fanart of just emi. Its because we don’t want to promote anything that symbolizes one of us to be more significant than the other. We want to be treated as a team, not 2 people. Now, I know there are people out there that already do treat us as a team, and honestly you are my favorite kind of fans. So please keep promoting the idea that we are are a team.

Reblogging this because it’s still really important and is something that still happens. We’re not looking for pity or anything, we just want people to acknowledge how we feel about it.

I (sadly) got the joke and understand your predicament guys. reblogging it is.